Organizing and service


MAP International

I am the director of MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) International, after serving as one of four organizers in 2018-19. MAP aims to examine and address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy, and currently has over 130 chapters across the world. I contribute to central strategy and planning, chapter action coordination, organizing workshops at APA meetings, and social media engagement.


New York MAP

In 2017-19, I was a founder and organizer for New York MAP, a community of graduate students in the New York area interested in organizing events that address minority participation in philosophy and seek to build community in the New York area. We hosted a series of graduate student and post-doc talks in Spring 2018 and Spring 2019 (NY-MAPWorks), and a large conference on the topic “Oppression and Resistance” in Fall 2018, including both practical workshops on activism and academia and philosophy talks.


Rutgers Climate Committee

In 2017-18, I chaired the Rutgers philosophy department climate committee. During that time, we re-started our MAP chapter and increased undergraduate outreach through our new grad-undergrad mentorship program; surveyed graduate students on department climate and dealt with issues that arose there; hosted two practical workshops and a lecture with Sally Haslanger; improved graduate student representation in departmental decisions; increased the accessibility of departmental space for people with disabilities, among other things. You can find more details on our activities and achievements during that year here.


Rutgers Feminist Philosophy Reading Group

I started a feminist philosophy reading group at Rutgers in Spring 2018 (now co-run with Dee Payton). We meet weekly to discuss papers in feminist philosophy, primarily in the analytic tradition. In addition, we run work-in-progress sessions where we give each other feedback on our work. We also host 2-4 visiting speakers a semester. Past speakers include Sally Haslanger (MIT), Miranda Fricker (CUNY), Rachel Fraser (Oxford), Esa Diaz-Leon (Barcelona), and Robin Dembroff (Yale). Our updated schedule of readings is here.


“Philosophers Against…” Fundraisers

In December 2016 and 2017, I set up and co-organized “Philosophers Against Malaria” and “Philosophers Against Factory Farming.” These were fundraisers for two effective organizations (as rated by GiveWell and Animal Charity Evaluators): the Against Malaria Foundation in 2016 and the Humane League in 2017. These were friendly competitions among philosophy departments in seven countries, with departments competing to raise the most funds for these organizations.

In 2016, 26 departments raised over $57,000 for the Against Malaria Foundation. In 2017, 38 departments raised over $50,000 for the Humane League. The Daily Nous covered these fundraisers here and here.


Veganizing Philosophy Departments

Tyler John and I wrote a blog post on “Moving Beyond Meat in Philosophy: The How and Why.” We argue that departments are morally obligated not to serve meat at department functions, and give a list of suggestions as to how to achieve this.

It is now the norm at the Rutgers philosophy department to order exclusively vegetarian food for department events.